About Us

About Us

Increasing Productivity with Pervidi

Created by Techs4Biz and launched in 1999, Pervidi was one of the founding solutions for in-field mobile device data collection. Pervidi now has more than 10 000 users around the world using their software to optimize productivity on a daily basis. Our clients range from small businesses to large multinational organizations. Pervidi’s reliable and cost effective paperless solution is in use throughout various industries, ranging from health care, fire safety, utilities and mining, to government, warehousing education and manufacturing. The combination of a dynamic and user-friendly software and tailoring to organizational needs, means Pervidi is able to cater for a diverse category of clients.
With offices in Australia, Canada and the United States, Pervidi offers clients from around the world a customized and automated solution that saves both time and money. Our easy to use software has been designed to work across multiple devices and industries, whilst keeping maximum flexibility in mind.

Pervidi increases productivity for organizations needing to effectively manage:

    • Safety activities (e.g. fall protection, racking…)
    • Resources
    • Services and operations
    • Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
    • Inspection management
    • Asset management
    • Custom data collection
    • Facility management
    • Inventory management
  • Field service management, and
  • Work order management.

Pervidi continues to be the most versatile, yet powerful, mobile application on the market.

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