Mobile Software

Mobile Software

Pervidi’s mobile software turns smartphones and tablets into smart electronic data collection devices without the need for a continuous wireless connection. Mobile software

How it Works

  • Pervidi’s consultants tailor Pervidi software to your company’s specific requirements and means of use.
  • Smartphone / tablet user downloads the Pervidi software application (playstore/appstore) (potentially link them).
  • Schedulers are now able to organise inspections and assign to the device user.


The Benefits

Pervidi on your mobile device not only provides advantages to the back of office, it also enhances the field users experience:

  • Dramatically reduces inspection times
  • Ensures the accuracy of collected data
  • Reduce human error when inputting data
  • Collected data and information is safely stored and accessible
  • Reduces clunky paper systems and paper waste


Pervidi’s Mobile Software includes

  • Integrated Barcodes
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  • Integrated Camera
  • Annotate on images taken
  • Integrated Speech to text
  • Integrated date and time stamp
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Integrated GPS and maps
  • Offline reporting
  • Include reference material to tasks (drawings and PDFs)
  • Unlimited checklists
  • Configurable drop downs and pick lists
  • Decision tree logic