In-house or Cloud Inspection Software

In-house or Cloud Inspection Software

In-house or Cloud Inspection Software


In-house or Cloud Inspection Software

Pervidi offer’s businesses either In-house or Cloud Inspection Software solutions. Pervidi is ‘off the shelf’ software which is configured to your specific business rules.
Pervidi can be implemented using the following configurations:

  1. Hosted configuration (SaaS)
  2. In-House Network configuration


In-House Implementation

The Pervidi Network implementation is identical to the Pervidi Hosted configuration.  All of the Pervidi components are installed on clients infrastructure.  Pervidi can then be accessed via the Intranet or the Internet depending on your configuration.

In-house implementations store the Pervidi database on your server.

  • The Pervidi solution is implemented on to your company’s I.T. infrastructure (database, webserver, backups).


Hosted in the cloud (SaaS)

The Pervidi SaaS (Software as a service) implementation includes  hosting the database and application in one of our Data Centres.  We take care of all hardware, operating systems and software components.  To use Pervidi you simply need a connection to the Internet.

    • Pervidi is hosted on the cloud in our data centre facilities where we manage the infrastructure, database and backups.


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