Pervidi automatically creates corrective actions based on deficiencies recorded by your field personnel /technician/inspectors. Pervidi’s trigger engine automatically emails alerts, notifications and reports based on a dynamic criteria defined by you. Automation has proven to be an important tool in the management of  inspections as it enables effective and immediate identification of major failures and  risks as well as prompt the corrective action needed to respond promptly.


Pervidi’s 5 Stage Inspection Process

Corrective Action Automation

Corrective Actions are improvements to processes taken to eliminate causes of non-conformities or other undesirable situations.

Corrective action automation is engaged once Pervidi identify a non-conformance/deficiency/failure and  can be automatically emailed to the appropriate user with all information required to rectify or correct the deficiency.

How it works

  1. Inspectors can define the correct levels of operation required.
  2. Inspector uses the mobile application to enter the data.
  3. If correct levels are not met, an alert is triggered.

Example of Corrective Actions / Triggers 
– Pervidi can send an email to area supervisors with all the overdue activities in their areas.
– Pervidi can automatically generate a report that describes that failure and action taken.
– When an correct levels of operations are not met and action can plan can pre-inputted to advise employees on the corrective procedures steps to be taken.


Enhanced Management Reporting

With over 100 built in reports, reports can be emailed, printed, saved or exported (e.g. Excel) using any web browser or device.

An example of a report generated via Pervidi Software

More information on automation in specific industries can be found here.