Customer Satisfaction Through Paperless Automation

Customer Satisfaction Through Paperless Automation

To ensure a high quality workplace that delivers a satisfying experience for customers all elements that customers, employees and suppliers interact with must be considered. To do this, checklists must be completed regularly to survey areas of your business that customer’s interact with. How many times have you gone into a restaurant and witnessed the smallest mistake ruin your or another families experience?

Paperless inspections via smartphones or tablets provide an effective workflow for the hospitality sector, reducing errors and the time needed previously to complete checklists. These applications can be quickly learnt by all employees from the business and uploaded to a cloud database so records can be secured safely online and retracted when needed. Using pen and notepad simply isn’t a competitive or efficient way to conduct routine checklists and comes with its own set of problems i.e. human error of data entry, the loss of data and the inconvenience of having to transfer this data into usable information.

The above video provides demonstration of how Pervidi can be used for hospitality and food related companies and how easy it is to introduce GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) into your business. Pervidi’s easy to use software can be quickly learnt be employees and enforces correct work habits.

Pervidi tailors its services specifically for your businesses needs where other apps may be only industry based with the certain features not relevant to your company needs and requirements. With a team of tech support continuously available to assist you throughout the process your operations will be significantly improved from day dot. Via incorporating Pervidi in your workplace you can be reassured that your customers, suppliers and employees are working in a safe, clean environment.

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