Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

Amusement park and numerous serviced based industries solely rely on the satisfaction of their customer interaction with one’s business and facility for business success. As such, inspection of all equipment and facilities is not only important to ensure a customer’s visit is enjoyable but it’s often vital that business abide by set regulations and procedures to ensure the safety of their customers. Creating a spread of data allows companies to easily and efficiently monitor and handle their asset spread.

By keeping detailed logs and creating records, managers are able to schedule regular maintenance on machinery and customer touch points and vastly improve the quality of their facilities on offer. A common benefit via using CMMS software is that managers are able to view long term trends of equipment which highlights the overall state and urgency repairs need to made.

By using Pervidi, staff are able to set daily inspections to overview your company’s equipment at the start and end of every day. Managers are able to pre input alerts so if a requirement is not met, staff will be informed of the correct action to take. Automation inspection software is a preventative tool proven to ensure that businesses uphold the highest levels of quality.

Common uses for using Pervidi’s automated inspection software is
– Create routine checklists
– Create and input corrective action plan
– Delegate equipment and facility checks to staff
– Create detailed records and logs
– Create records of photographic evidence
– Safely store and sort records

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